How To Find Relief During A Horrible Allergy Season

There are seasons when people with allergies suffer a lot. Weather conditions are among the contributing factors to these life-threatening conditions. A new season always comes with a new set of allergy activators and irritants. But you can find relief during a horrible allergy season by applying some simple tips. These comprise of home remedies that have been proven to alleviate allergies.

Ways to find relief from a horrible allergy

Natural, local honey

Eating raw honey produced within your locality can alleviate allergy. Honey contains trace quantities of pollen and therefore eating a tablespoon of local honey every day will help you become protected (immunized) against the galling effects of pollen.wf3tw43yu46ryg

Neti pots

Their effectiveness in relieving seasonal allergies has made them among the most reliable remedies until today. A Neti pot loosens mucus in the nostrils by flushing out allergens (such as pollen) and using a saline solution to rinse the nasal cavity. To use a Neti pot, simply fill it with a mixture of warm water (distilled or boiled) and salt. After that, tilt your head sideways and pour some solution in one nostril until it comes from the other. Repeat the process on the other nostril. It is not compulsory to use Neti pot, but you can use other means, such as a spray, as long as you rinse your nasals with the saline solution. You can also gargle with salt water to help you clear a scratchy or a sore throat.

Spicy foods

They include chili peppers, fresh garlic, wasabi, horseradish and Dijon mustard. The foods can clear sinus thus decongesting your nasal cavity. So increase intake of these foods during the allergy season.

Wear mask when doing outdoor chores

shr5eu6jyrnghrw4The main goal here is to reduce your contact with pollen particles. So when you go to do outdoor chores, wear a surgical mask and minimize your contact with pollen. If you always go out in the morning for workouts, change this and adopt indoor workouts. Also, minimize the tie you spend outdoors especially during mid to late afternoon because this is the time when pollen particles are likely to be high.

Close and open windows

People who are allergic to pollen should keep their windows closed and switch on their air conditioners so as to keep indoor air fresh. O the contrary, those who are allergic to indoor allergies, such as dust and mold, should keep their windows opened so as to allow in fresh air, which aids in clearing allergens from the house.