Avoid genital infections

Infections in the anal and vaginal region are common problems that many people face. Some of these infections can be very painful and can lead to other diseases that might be hard to treat. Despite of the different treatments that are available; it is good to ensure that you put efforts to avoid these infections and maintain good health of your genitals. The most important thing is for you to first understand the major causes of these infections so that you can understand how to avoid them.

To help you in the process, here are some of the ways on how to avoid infections in the anal and vaginal region.

Keep your anal and vaginal region dry

ghdhgd674Most of the infections that affect the vaginal and anal region result from moisture. This is why it is important that you ensure that you keep this region dry at all times. This is especially after you have a shower. The presence of moisture in those two areas increases the risk of fungal, bacterial, and yeast infections. Dry your entire body using a clean towel and focus more on these areas because they are more prone to infections resulting from moisture. You should also make sure that you change wet bathing suits after swimming.

Wipe yourself well after using a toilet

Most people make great mistakes when wiping themselves after visiting the toilet. The most appropriate way to do is to wipe from front to real. This ensures that you do not infect your vaginal region with the dirt that might come from your anal region when you wipe from rear to front. In addition to this, make sure you wipe yourself thoroughly to ensure that you do not leave any dirt that might cause infections.

Avoid chemical irritants

You can also prevent infections in the vaginal and anal region by avoiding using chemical irritants in deodorized tampons. These chemicals might have several effects that might lead to infections. Make sure that you bathe regularly in order to cleanse the region.

Do not share your underwear


The biggest hygiene mistake that you can make is sharing your underwear with another person no matter how you trust them. The sharing can lead to contamination of different infections especially if the other person already has the infections.

Wear loose cotton underwear

You need to avoid wearing tight underwear that might lead to a lot of sweating. The excess sweating is a recipe for bacteria, fungi, yeast and others that can lead to vaginal and anal infections.