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*RENEWED INTERVIEW* (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE VIDEO INTERVIEW) There are lots of kinds of people. Let's take two, there are dare devils and there are pilots. Combine those two in a historic setting and you have the Breitling Wingwalkers.

Wingwalking is a pretty old job when you think of it. Wingwalking dates back to the 1920's, where it was mainly used a way to advertise. Large crowds would gather for the show which is a good way to let people know about a certain product. In that area nothing has changed.

The teamThe team is sponsored by Breitling as last year the Guinot sponsor decided to stop sponsoring for the team. It comes with lots of advantages, like a great color scheme. The team is a great crowd pleaser, crowds gather around the team in no time. This shows that you don't need big jets or jet aerobatic teams to please a crowd. Despite the job of wingwalking dating back so far crowds still love to watch the display, where the bright orange scheme helps alot.

The team consists of 5 pilots, Martyn Carrington, Vic Norman, David Barrell, Steve Hicks and Al Hoy, all with years and years of experience in flying, then there's the wingwalking girls, consisting of Danielle Hughes, Sarah Tanner and Stella Guilding.

The biggest appeal are probably the wingwalker girls themselves, as you have not only 2 pilots doing high speed opposite passes, but during all this, the girls perform a sort of dance routine on top of the wing. A daring feat.

During the Wings and Wheels airshow held at airport Midden Zeeland. I spoke to the team and asked them a couple of questions. You can watch the video below.

A little extra info on why Stella wanted to be a wingwalker which wasn't captured due to some minor technical issues.

Stella: "I first saw the wingwalkers several years ago on t.v. and sinch then had always wanted to do it as a once in a lifetime thrill, but the idea took a back seat to my skydiving plans. It wasnt untill my mum saw the big press release searching for local wingwalking talent in feburary 2009 that i rediscovered my desire to go wingwalking, On reading the press release i discovered that you could actually do this as a job so i immediatley jumped at the chance and applied for the dream job!.

I've gained alot more respect for what they do, not only the for the pilots, but especially the girls. Besides my cheeks flapping in the wind, I think I couldn't move a muscle. I don't do this often, but for airshow organisers, I strongly suggest booking the team for your airshow, the crowds just love seeing them and a big applause welcomes the team after they land.

A big thanks to the team for helping me out with the interview and their kindness. Visit their site for additional info at www.aerosuperbatics.com

Be sure to check out the galleries section as well for lots of photos of the team.