Weight Loss

Are You Aware Of These Five Weight Loss Sins?

Are planning to lose weight or have you been trying to lose it unsuccessfully? One thing you should know is that there are several sins that people make when on their journey of weight loss. Most of us think that changing your eating habit and getting involved in physical activities is a guaranteed approach to losing weight.

You can have all these, but if you make certain mistakes, your efforts will not bear any fruits. Therefore understanding some of the weight loss sins will help you avoid or fix them so as to achieve your goal of getting rid of those extra fats and enjoy the multiple benefits associated with normal body weight. Below are the top 5 weight loss sins that people commit:

1. Starving

Some of us think that we can lose weight by denying our bodies food. The truth is that losing weight is about what we eat and how we eat. We need food to boost metabolism and muscle growth so that those excess fats can be broken down easily and quickly. We also need food to ensure that our bodies get adequate nutrients and energy so as to function optimally and boost immunity. What you have to do is to watch the type and quantity of foods you eat. Let your diet be full of healthy foods and avoid unhealthy foods. So instead of starving, eat more healthy foods.

2. Excess training

ghjrgnu57e5Too much of anything is not good. When you start losing weight, you will probably reduce your calorie intake. Therefore it is a big sin to combine this with excess training. Excess training will only stress your body further making you unable to recover between exercises because there will be no energy to replenish the lost energy. Avoid this sin by doing minimal effective workouts and having enough time to rest and recover after exercising.

3. Fad dieting

If this approach was effective, we couldn’t be having millions of obese and overweight people today. Many have tried it, but they always get negative long-term results. Don’t focus on losing a certain amount of fats in one week and gain more after a month. Fad dieting is usually unsustainable and therefore you can avoid it by changing your diet. Adopt a healthy eating plan and make it your lifestyle.

4. Doing isolation exercises

This usually works well for bodybuilders only and not those who want to lose weight. These exercises will only stress the already limited calories in the body. For you to lose weight, perform exercises that focus on movements of the whole body, including pull-ups, bench presses, deadlifts, chin-ups, squats, dips, shoulder presses, hip thrusts, and rows.

5. Detoxing

4gy3ht6u75rerwIt is a sin to replace a healthy diet with detoxes. You should know that there is not shortcut to weight loss. Obesity or overweight is a long-term problem and therefore it needs a long-term solution. Detoxing is similar to fad dieting, and it may only starve you and give you a short-term solution. To avoid this, start eating a healthy diet and stop detoxing.